I thought sending you to hell would stop me from going there too so I did, not knowing you’d fight back Your resistance, my dear, sent a series of guilty feeling crawling down my spine penetrating my pores, it swam through my veins and reached my heart, and every day you were away the guilt […]

Midnight Prayer

As the night fell and the sky displayed different shades of lights on flying sticks, the countdown started and the midnight struck, a prayer was sent. May you remember that you’re the petals that extract the sweetest honey, the bright dancing lights that decorate the northern skies, the music, that makes everyone sashay in harmony […]

One More Time

One more time Neither of us are brave enough Explanations, long overdue, mean nothing but shame Millions of words were sent your way Only to float around, meaningless, powerless, Ripped off of their true intention, Embarrassed, for once out they can’t be taken back Tracks of early love were barely covered Implying hope that lies […]


Forgive me Father, for I almost sinned I saw this lake full of temptation and I jumped and lost myself I gulped like I never drank before, I let the water freshen my thirsty soul Forgive me Father, for I almost sinned I saw this sky glazing with lure and I never stopped staring since […]

All Over Again

I thought it would take me a thousand mouths to erase your name, to rinse my memories of you, to refill the void that your absence caused, like it’s the only thing that could cover up a horrible, regrettable tattoo visibly painted all over my being Turns out, it only took another mistake for everything […]


Words have always been powerful, descriptive, explanatory, yet deceitful, you take it how you want it Especially when it comes to love, they always use a language I could never understand So I try to transform them to numbers, because they never lie. Of all 42 times the moons have shown its full face, only […]