Midnight Prayer

My new book Midnight Prayer is out!!!! You can get it on: Lulu.com Paperback (occasionally there are discounts/free shipping) Ebook   Amazon Paperback Ebook    iTunes Barnes & Noble Kobo   Thank you all for reading my blog all this time and for your valuable feedback. Can’t wait to know what you think of the new […]

The Way You Broke Mine

If there ever was a moment to start being gentle, taking care of other hearts the way mine would want to be treated, to start blowing kisses at times curses would rather come forward, to start caressing feelings when thoughts would rather explode, to start being brave, killing hopes and taking responsibilities, Let them down […]

A Hunch

Babbling accented aliens Dangling around the queen Abracadabra! Appears absolute acceptance Balky wolves replaced by sweet dandelions Be the Caesar of the untangled garden Sabotage the ballad of the talented jape Bring the solicitude of illumination Fabricated edifice without escape Monsters encounter on a lads night out Obediently parked amplifying zest He is in vain […]