All Over Again

I thought it would take me a thousand mouths to erase your name, to rinse my memories of you, to refill the void that your absence caused, like it’s the only thing that could cover up a horrible, regrettable tattoo visibly painted all over my being Turns out, it only took another mistake for everything […]

Today is the Day

Today is the day where all the waiting finally comes to an end As expiry dates were tattooed on all hopes, beyond this day, they will be poisonous I’ve had my shares of wanting and expecting and staying has become a word that’s way too difficult to spell Today is the day where enough finally […]


I was about to apologise for seeing only the smoke of a candle, the darkness of sunset, the death of a fallen flower. I was about to apologise for collapsing every night, shedding water that forms streams when no one is looking. Today I learned if regret came in every moment, galaxies would be made out of shame. So I grabbed myself, […]