Once Again

The moon is once again so full Reflecting brightness on a dark surface Yet once again it feels so empty for everything that once mattered no longer does The hearts that once were touched are now gone left unattached The souls that once were hugged are now slowly waving goodbye The moon is once again […]


I saw the moon Majestic and mighty Looking so round and beautiful Surrounded by light clouds In the centre of the dark, of the blackness of the night sky Yet it looked so alone So far from the twinkles And it looked so sad Like there’s a missing part of having no companies in such […]

Mighty Moon

O, dear mighty Moon Shimmering gold reaching through deep wounds Thank you for your healing lights For the peace you bring almost every night I’ve for long admired your gibbous I’ve felt in love with your crescents And sometimes when you’re only half I saw as much joy as when you’re full I’ve seen enough […]