Forgive me Father, for I almost sinned I saw this lake full of temptation and I jumped and lost myself I gulped like I never drank before, I let the water freshen my thirsty soul Forgive me Father, for I almost sinned I saw this sky glazing with lure and I never stopped staring since […]


This glass of water in front of me is full of bubbles which then fill my throat with some unfamiliar taste And that unfamiliarity then creeps in to my lungs and spreads all over my being until every inch of my cells suddenly  crave for something that reminds me more of home, more of you.  […]


I am fire and you’re the wind You helped me burn, That’s how we played  We had fun spreading heat Together we made something big But you were gone for a while and I had to wonder why you did I stayed here confused of what happened  and waited long til you come back Not […]


Here’s what I couldn’t tell It was as if The whole galaxies shut down before my eyes The woods in the fireplace have all been burned down to ashes, not even teeny tiny orange sparks left The fields of roses no longer blush radiating reds, and the thorns stick out like swords of the strongest […]