I thought sending you to hell would stop me from going there too so I did, not knowing you’d fight back Your resistance, my dear, sent a series of guilty feeling crawling down my spine penetrating my pores, it swam through my veins and reached my heart, and every day you were away the guilt […]


I thought I buried you somewhere far Your graveyard covered in different kinds of old autumn leaves and dirt and coldness and nothingness I thought I had my head up high Chaffing the thoughts of weakness symptoms So I smiled and I smiled and I smiled and I smiled Until people stopped asking Today I […]

Today is the Day

Today is the day where all the waiting finally comes to an end As expiry dates were tattooed on all hopes, beyond this day, they will be poisonous I’ve had my shares of wanting and expecting and staying has become a word that’s way too difficult to spell Today is the day where enough finally […]

When the Light’s Out

The light’s been off for a while Yet the thoughts come out to play All the memories I’ve stored neatly and carefully seem to always find their way out Sometimes I’m scared sometimes I’m amazed The faces I’ve buried down, The wishes I’ve tried to forget, The expectations and disappointment I’ve stopped to care about, […]