Words have always been powerful, descriptive, explanatory, yet deceitful, you take it how you want it Especially when it comes to love, they always use a language I could never understand So I try to transform them to numbers, because they never lie. Of all 42 times the moons have shown its full face, only […]

Today is the Day

Today is the day where all the waiting finally comes to an end As expiry dates were tattooed on all hopes, beyond this day, they will be poisonous I’ve had my shares of wanting and expecting and staying has become a word that’s way too difficult to spell Today is the day where enough finally […]


Here’s what I couldn’t tell It was as if The whole galaxies shut down before my eyes The woods in the fireplace have all been burned down to ashes, not even teeny tiny orange sparks left The fields of roses no longer blush radiating reds, and the thorns stick out like swords of the strongest […]


I’ll share you a little secret. Every night I whisper the same thing hoping the wind will deliver my soundless words Have I gone mad? I have many things to do Most are very exciting and new, None have anything to do with you Yet I know something’s missing And the only thing that’s missing […]