One More Time

One more time Neither of us are brave enough Explanations, long overdue, mean nothing but shame Millions of words were sent your way Only to float around, meaningless, powerless, Ripped off of their true intention, Embarrassed, for once out they can’t be taken back Tracks of early love were barely covered Implying hope that lies […]


To the moment between dreams and reality, Episodes of sadness and anger and numbness Lullabies no longer work Lilies and roses no longer soothe Mornings come too early Ending the nights of sorrows too abruptly Whispering the signs of wisdom How everything’s in their time and place Yet, it still doesn’t feel right Yet nothingness […]


Dig down to my wildest dream, Your scariest weapon haunts me till my death. Silence. Your silence kills. Faster than the fastest bullet, deadlier than the deadliest beast. Unveil the unheard story; I could only wish. Never will I ever accomplish. Confusion, and more of a disappointment, Therefore will follow wherever these tired feet step. […]