My Palette

On the green of grass I laid my body down I saw the orange and the yellow rays of sun And the blue sky decorated my canvas And the pink and red and purple of the flowers around me completed my palette I am here I feel I choose I love I create I see Here I am AB – 15.10.14


So I meet you again There are thousands of stories I’d love to tell I want to occupy your attention with what I have I want to make the corner of your eyes wrinkled When your smile meets the end of your ears And you’d tell me how much you missed me But darling I […]

My Dear

When you stare, my dear I see fireworks on bonfire night The stars in the sky gather The moon shows off rather enviously When you smile, my dear I feel all of my fears are taken away My worries disappear My hopes arise and bring me to life When you speak, my dear I hear […]


Give me some lilies, and a well-scented peaceful corner. I want to write, I want to disappear. Routines are boring, aren’t they? I’m seeing these faces, but I see the reflection of mine in theirs. Looking for an answer, deep down their enthusiastic eyes. I feel like stopping. It’s scary, isn’t it? Time’s ticking and […]


Once the anchor kisses the seabed, ships stop and rest. To drift again continuing the journey, is to take the anchor up, carry it inside. I am my ship. In order to function, I carry my anchor wherever I go. To let go of my anchor, is to stop. AB – 16.7.14

Your Existence

These are what your existence causes: Stars collide in her eyes, woven with glitters, sparkling in their spheres; Hopes flow through her veins, her heart dances faster than the speed of light; Joy suffocates her mind, her voice fades, leaving no footprints; Petals blossom in her face, with a smile that silently whispers “Love me back”.   AB […]

The Ocean

I hope she shows you the ten percent of the ocean with all the magnificent corals and the beautiful underwater creatures that make you feel both small and grateful.   I hope it feels like  she rises the tide when she kisses you with all her waves and you feel like  the seabed goes down beneath you and you feel like you’re stranded […]