Midnight Prayer

As the night fell
and the sky displayed different shades
of lights on flying sticks,
the countdown started
and the midnight struck,
a prayer was sent.

May you remember
that you’re the petals that extract the sweetest honey,
the bright dancing lights that decorate the northern skies,
the music,
that makes everyone sashay in harmony

and sure you’re the Yeses and the Noes
and the Maybes in between,
and you’re the bad decisions
and the regrets
and the Should’ve and the Could’ve Beens

But please remember,
you’re also the hugs,
that lift up some heaviness,
the smiles,
that brighten up the bad days

and when time goes rough,
please remember that
you’re the lioness,
that gives birth to the kings.

AB – 1.1.18 – Happy new year!!!


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