I am also fluent in silence.

But I am so angry over the fact that you started this all. I only admired you, for the qualities in you that I wanted to have. But you brought romance to our story. You put this idea in me, that love is not about age or how we look, that it’s more about connecting our differences despite our similarities. You provoked me to feel all this, and you left. You left seeing the smoke from the fire you started. And you came back watching the flame because for you, it’s pretty and miraculous. Then you encouraged me to stay ablaze, only to leave again because you don’t want to deal with this mess.

You created this all but you left. I was so close to ask you to stay but in your silence I found my answer.

I used to send you all the nice wishes and prayers but now, I realise you don’t deserve another word. I’m done. You can go about the way you want to but if one day you came back and no longer found me here, try to remember that I, too, know how to leave.

Goodbye, old friend.


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