Ode to the Fucked Ups

To those who feel like everyone around

always shatters them down to pieces

they forgot they were once

a beautiful single entity,

To those who always knitted their hearts out

hoping they could warm up something cold

only to find the people they love

keep on using it as a door mat,

To those who keep growing flowers in their garden

hoping the roses will also blossom

in the hearts of their loved ones,

only to find they keep on using it

as their battle field,

To those who seek comfort

at the bottom of funny bottles,

only to find temporary shelters

at times they don’t even remember

who they are,

To those who need to transform themselves

to be someone else

so that they could stop seeing disappointment

as something as normal as running away,


Thank you,

for holding on to the tiny pieces

Thank you,

for offering your warmth,

Thank you,

for blooming your flowers,

and for being who you are

And I hope soon you’ll see

how rocky surface of the moon

is still pretty.


AB – 28.12.16


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