36 Full Moons

For those who have witnessed 36 full moons

and their name still cuts your tongue

even before you could say it out loud,

For those who’ve collected

36 full moons of stacks of pictures

not all of them were pretty,

36 full moons of history

that you so wish you could just erase

And for those who told yourself to be okay

to just forget

and move on

and that they never existed

and you never saw that crescent

that their eyes shaped when they smile,



Let me tell you something,

It’s okay you’re not okay.

You don’t need to swallow all those words

you never got to deliver

You don’t need to carry all those apologies

that seem to form a fountain

at the corners of your eyes,

because you don’t need to apologise

for loving too much you couldn’t do it properly

You don’t need to be ashamed

of feeling rejected, or left behind,

and feeling so in love it made you feel stupid,

because your love made you rich


Your heartbreak turned you into a poet

who gave birth to a million dazzling words

you never thought you’d use to describe a soul,

and now you can direct all those words

to your own beautiful soul.



Try to see another full moon,

maybe by then you’ll see

how the moon needs just a cycle

to be full again.


AB – 21.12.16


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