Once Again

The moon is once again so full Reflecting brightness on a dark surface Yet once again it feels so empty for everything that once mattered no longer does The hearts that once were touched are now gone left unattached The souls that once were hugged are now slowly waving goodbye The moon is once again […]


Here’s what it feels like Every time the hands of my clock move the rhythm of my heart goes faster, the voice from inside screams louder, as I lose a piece of patience bit by bit little by little Here’s what it feels like to erase the past and skip the present Every time the […]


You left these traces on my hand after you threw me your tantrum and I couldn’t stop blaming myself for that pair of hateful eyes I can’t help but wondering who you are when you’re so calm and how you change in just minutes scares me more than I’d admit Now those marks are dried […]

I will

“I will lend my arms and shoulder so that you won’t have to soak that Teddy up in tears. I will come up with every beautiful word there is in the world so that you’ll know that sometimes you are what you don’t see. I will tell you stories at 2 in the morning so […]