I’ll share you a little secret. Every night I whisper the same thing hoping the wind will deliver my soundless words Have I gone mad? I have many things to do Most are very exciting and new, None have anything to do with you Yet I know something’s missing And the only thing that’s missing […]

Can We?

Can we paint the sky again? Change it from black to neon light, from grey to soft pastel colours Can we dance through the night again? Tiptoeing in harmony with the music of our synchronised heartbeats Can we cry our prayers again? Screaming in silence, with nothing cheap as words Can we forgive and forget? […]


New dawn, new day, new moon and I stay the same Same thoughts, same feelings, same worries Not much has changed since the day you left But now there’s no more game to play There’s no more storms to pass There’s no more snow to melt and no more rainbow to wait Every new day […]

The Ride

The ride continues With ups and downs and some flat surfaces With joy and tears and some emotionless states The scream when it goes up, is as thrilling as the fear when it goes down And the breath to take in between, is as relieving as the whole experience So the ride goes on and […]