Darling Friend

You don’t have to see
how beautiful the effect of your touch could be
You don’t have to understand
how precious you could be to someone
But Darling Friend,
Let me just express
what seems to be more than gratitude
that fills every drop of my blood
rushing to my veins pumping my heart;

You’re like the sun to my growing plants
You’re like the earth to my lovely moon
And I know you don’t even care that much
But please know that I love you,
and I wish you’re happy
now and every day.

Happy birthday,
my Darling Friend.

AB – 11.1.14


3 thoughts on “Darling Friend

  1. I know many people in the world are suffering from loving and not being loved. But when it happens we must leave the door that is not opening and go for one that will open. There are many rooms in my father’s house. What we cannot change let us accept. Many see the failure of the other person to love them as rejection meanwhile it is just saying that is not the person God means for you. That person is not worthy of your love.

      • I am happy you like my comment. Many thanks; and may your light continue to shine! If you like to know what I shall be publishing next, I shall be publishing great thoughts by contemporaries.These are thoughts I have collected from the comments people made on this site on the activity of the week titled ‘What is beauty or handsomeness? What will make you say that a girl or woman is beautiful or a boy or man is handsome?’ If it interests you, please forward your answer. Have a really great day.

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