The little fish swims against the stream surfing the waves looking for new place yet it tires her to go different direction it drains her energy to be where no other lives so she decided to stop trying and follow the lead but it only gives her the understanding that being dead doesn’t suit her. […]

When the Light’s Out

The light’s been off for a while Yet the thoughts come out to play All the memories I’ve stored neatly and carefully seem to always find their way out Sometimes I’m scared sometimes I’m amazed The faces I’ve buried down, The wishes I’ve tried to forget, The expectations and disappointment I’ve stopped to care about, […]

Darling Friend

You don’t have to see how beautiful the effect of your touch could be You don’t have to understand how precious you could be to someone But Darling Friend, Let me just express what seems to be more than gratitude that fills every drop of my blood rushing to my veins pumping my heart; You’re […]


I saw the moon Majestic and mighty Looking so round and beautiful Surrounded by light clouds In the centre of the dark, of the blackness of the night sky Yet it looked so alone So far from the twinkles And it looked so sad Like there’s a missing part of having no companies in such […]