So another painting’s done A different painter I’ve become I discovered more colours to use And that different brushes gave different strokes I learned that skies could be more than blue or grey or black And nature could be much more than green And lights seemed brighter on the dark And all the challenges to […]

To Celebrate

People sang, the church bells rang Yet we locked ourselves at this holy place Far away from the festive lights and the warmth of our fireplace We sat on each side of the bed, watching the chaos within ourselves lighting up its own fireworks And we looked down on the tears that streamed down from […]

Mighty Moon

O, dear mighty Moon Shimmering gold reaching through deep wounds Thank you for your healing lights For the peace you bring almost every night I’ve for long admired your gibbous I’ve felt in love with your crescents And sometimes when you’re only half I saw as much joy as when you’re full I’ve seen enough […]