To the moment between dreams and reality, Episodes of sadness and anger and numbness Lullabies no longer work Lilies and roses no longer soothe Mornings come too early Ending the nights of sorrows too abruptly Whispering the signs of wisdom How everything’s in their time and place Yet, it still doesn’t feel right Yet nothingness […]


The universe is only repeating patterns Season changes, one after another, But it’s all the same in different times After dark comes light After noise, silence And from the dark times all the way to silence, we see the patterns Sometimes, the history box we hid under the bed offers the same rage we tried to […]


She looks so pretty dancing with mystery in her own rhythm There’s something about her – The way she talks to you The way she stares at you, that will definitely catch your attention She’ll do it again, over and over, until you realize you want more But she’d rather lay her head on the […]