Maybe If

Maybe if you didn’t overthink thunders would sound like a clink Maybe if you were brave enough the roads wouldn’t be as rough Maybe if you were more aware nothing would come out of nowhere Maybe if you were different happiness would love your existence Maybe if you were nicer all that matter would be simpler Maybe if you […]

My Palette

On the green of grass I laid my body down I saw the orange and the yellow rays of sun And the blue sky decorated my canvas And the pink and red and purple of the flowers around me completed my palette I am here I feel I choose I love I create I see Here I am AB – 15.10.14


So I meet you again There are thousands of stories I’d love to tell I want to occupy your attention with what I have I want to make the corner of your eyes wrinkled When your smile meets the end of your ears And you’d tell me how much you missed me But darling I […]