The Roses

You’ll see me walk upon a bridge that I build out of blood and tears Because otherwise, your lips, sweetheart, as sweet as the roses you whisper in my ears, would only leave me torn apart.   AB – 23.7.14


Give me some lilies, and a well-scented peaceful corner. I want to write, I want to disappear. Routines are boring, aren’t they? I’m seeing these faces, but I see the reflection of mine in theirs. Looking for an answer, deep down their enthusiastic eyes. I feel like stopping. It’s scary, isn’t it? Time’s ticking and […]

My Box Within

It is not because of anything, I rarely show the box I have within. Now you want to know why, and I am too fond of you to deny. Here you go, my dear, I’ll say it clear. I am afraid, I always am. I am afraid, you will only find millions of pieces of […]


Once the anchor kisses the seabed, ships stop and rest. To drift again continuing the journey, is to take the anchor up, carry it inside. I am my ship. In order to function, I carry my anchor wherever I go. To let go of my anchor, is to stop. AB – 16.7.14

I came so far

I came so far just to witness the golden eye in the sky touching the sea, splashing its orange tinges. And when that eye was completely gone, I saw the moon climbed up the stage. I observed enough to realise it slowly faded away. It gave up it’s way to million little stars that tingling […]