The Ocean

I hope she shows you the ten percent of the ocean with all the magnificent corals and the beautiful underwater creatures that make you feel both small and grateful.   I hope it feels like  she rises the tide when she kisses you with all her waves and you feel like  the seabed goes down beneath you and you feel like you’re stranded […]

Green Field

The sun shines brightly expanding its rays to hug the bottom of the crystal blue lake near that green field, decorated with rainbow on the ground from the red and pink of flowers that invite butterflies to dance, where the soft brown bunnies join the harmony by playfully chasing one after another, where the skies are painted […]

With You

I should’ve built castles I should’ve built dams I should’ve built towers But with you, I’m building bridges   I should’ve started to run I should’ve started to fly I should’ve started to travel But with you, I’m walking home   I should’ve been a scholar I should’ve been a poet I should’ve been a stargazer […]

I Know

I know,that sweet words can sootheand it’s nice to soothe people,because that makes them feel good I know,that everybody wants to be lovedand it’s necessary to love people,because that makes them feel good I know,that people want to be treated nicelyand it’s important to treat people nicely,because that makes them feel good I know,that making […]


I sit here, and the whole world arises before me I see the firework of life with all its intricacy Its magical allure, full of charms and new energy The sound of foreignness attracts me The smell of freedom stimulates me   As I sit here, I watch this festivity before me Rising up my […]

I have questions

I have questions, my darling friend. I have questions before you go any further.   What is it that you see, I’ve been wondering for a long time, what is it that you see in that other person  that makes them significant to you?   Why is it making you feel  like there’s nothing more […]


Once you reminded me  of the first cry of the newborn baby, of the scent of flowers in the morning, of the wind that gently breezed when I was almost asleep on the beach, of the sounds of the flying birds far away from my horizon that I could peacefully hear on a nice Sunday, […]


I remember that night  you drove all the way to my house to celebrate my day with me before it ended, with a beautiful red rose in your hand, that lasted for months on the corner of my shelf, decorating my room with its dying presence until it slowly turned black and slipped away for eternity. […]