May you be the beauteous palette  in this canvas of life, and everyone you meet loves you to saturate their spheres.   May you be the precious petal in this garden of life, and everyone you meet treats you with gentle care.   AB – 29.4.13 Advertisements


The day was humid and warm, and the sky displayed the softest colour of blue, with the clouds chilling like they’ve been best friends, and the wind blew gently so the leaves could dance.   And you were sad, thinking everything you touched turned to mess.   The sky started to growl, the clouds tinted darker and darker. Heavy drops of rain started […]

Last Night

Last night, I almost told the beautiful moon, which reminded me of your eyes, that was peacefully surrounded by pillows of clouds, which made me think of us – if only I could make you want me the way I want you.   Last night, behind the clouds hid the stars, and I could understand. It was almost strange, my […]


I can’t offer perfection. I can’t cure insecurities. But I can make you feel happy like you always want to be. I can bring down the moon. I’ll convince the stars to shine, to compliment your presence that I can’t stop to embrace.   I can’t offer perfection. I can’t guarantee normal. But I can make you […]


It rains, again, and the flowers that blossomed this morning are covered in fresh drops. It rains, again, and the grass that I stepped on is covered with muds. It rains, again, and my mind that was empty is covered with the thoughts of you. It rains, again, and I miss you. AB – 7.4.14


I wish I don’t have to be that desperate to ever tell you that if you go away, I’ll try to convince you with all of my might to make you stay.   But if you finally go away, I’ll understand.   AB – 2.4.14