To the Wind

To the wind I cling my glass Gratefully celebrating your existence in silence, that I’ve finally befriended, for you are way out of my league. To the wind I whisper my everyday wish and prayer, hoping you’d notice my invisibility, for I’ve been shadowing you like crazy. To the wind I share a story of […]

To Reach You

I’m not good at guessing nor am I good at predicting, but I’ll tell you one thing straight, like what you see on my face I’m over the moon when you showed me that surface of what I think is the way that leads to your maze And it’s been great so far, everything’s perfect I […]


I got lost in a beautiful place Everything seems crystal clear I find the answers to my every question I find the ground  after a long time floating around I feel safe though everything feels volatile I see a light the kind that makes myself feel warm I see a place that I can comfortably […]


This universe is a magic place, full of the faces we might not see everyday and the things we might not really care about And we continue on not caring until the people we love and the things we care about are being taken away All of a sudden, the universe is evil  We curse […]

Pardon Me

Pardon me for being too much of a coward for not looking into your eyes for not telling you how much you mean to me for not singing my heart out for not following the rhythm of your wonderful charm for not showing what I mean to show for not looking like I care for […]


My mind is full, of the things I keep daily, but mostly of you And I saw you today, so beautiful, so perfect I was reminded of our yesterdays where I could steal a little of your time and you happily let me I was reminded of my stash of sweet words that I secretly […]


I don’t understand why Everything has to be black and white You say we’re too similar so we can’t be together I don’t understand why you can’t see what I see More than the obvious : Your hair is red and mine is black, Your eyes are blue and mine are not Because underneath that, […]