When I passed you by I said hi and you said hi back and you smiled, but that’s about it.  When I told you stories you looked distant, though I saw you laughing at my jokes and you smiled at me nicely. I don’t understand. You can easily know what’s going on with me Most […]


I hope you won’t be too surprised When I told you what makes me satisfied Pressing the next button Over and over Just to find a little piece of truth You won’t tell straight to my face   I hope you won’t be too surprised When I told you what disappoints me Pressing the next […]


The more I see the sun, The more I crave for snow The more I see people, The more I want to go The more I look for love, The more I feel left out The more I know the truth, The more I want to lie The more I think of hope, The more […]


I can’t seem to understand, From the inside, we are all the same Same colour of blood Same colour of bone Same function of heart Same amount of hormones You can’t say it’s wrong Just because you can’t see I joke around and I always seem happy I give you shoulders to cry on and […]