Like a Bee

I’m very busy Like a bee, I buzz around Doing my routines Dance across flowers Working very hard I can give you the sweetest and the healthiest element of life you can ever know And you can take what I earn As much as you like Suck it out from me like I wouldn’t mind […]

Fine with that

It’s when the bad news isn’t shocking, The gloomy stories don’t sink, The sad songs don’t kick in, That no one is intrigued to sing When the dark skies don’t matter much, The cries just don’t touch, Hopes don’t grow, and no one wants to know That’s when we realise that all this time we’ve […]

On a perfect day

On a perfectly fine day, I realised there’s only one thing I could remember that would have perfected it all But that one thing has lost its moment For a long time and forever it will Stay that way I found myself consumed by the biggest regret I thought I’d ever had in life as […]