Red Eyes and a Smile

Anger or sadness or lack of sleep, No one could tell, really Not when the rain’s washed away everything it touched Nor when it’s covered by a big fake smile   But how could one be so sure  When there’s no good indicator of the things made visible  Like what those little chameleons do; Changing […]


The skyscraper falls down bit by bit Thrilling enough people seem to be energised by it A universe crumples,  yet no one cares to sympathise The wind does blow while covers hide what’s under  Apologies, pointless as regrets they are All the whilst everything starts to make good sense Nothing lasts, not even imperfection Crystal […]


If it was a road, It’d be a long dusty one Rocky on the sides, Extreme ups and downs   If it was an ocean, It’d be a dark deep one Cold and icy perhaps, With warm surface or the other way around   If it was a colour, It’d be an artistic one A […]


Here’s the appointed plan : Hopes, have to be tangled in this place right now. It will be sincerely funded, those hopes, and it is very important. Creating another image of the past will be considered rude. Destroy it, just do, and dance the night away. That’s the procedure. Collect all the signatures, and scratch it […]