There are things wished not to happen There are things wished not to be remembered It’s okay to make mistakes, but it’s frustrating, still, to know some mistakes can’t be fixed and should be let go What’s so wrong about it is they can be forgotten, but sometimes they come back, again Those unfixable mistakes, […]


Lit the fire Burn the tower Violence, always the answer of defending the ugliness Appears the beauty from underneath them, but nothing will come before its time Impatience grows within one’s consciousness, catching up with the greed and all the bad deeds. What to be scared when nothing is false, is what to be warned […]

A Lo(v/n)ely Birthday

The continuous vibrates my device makes, and the hugs and kisses my family gives, and the unthinkable generous wishes my friends send, are a proof that everyone I love participate in making my day an eventful one.   Yet I, soberly and voluntarily, refused to be involved. Staying home, doing some thinking, spending time by […]

Many Things

A breathing flesh, wandering around finding a meaning of something, going somewhere that something might lie, concentrating and distracted and sometimes confused. A silent thinker, figuring out what everything might mean, forgetting the essence of the presence somehow, rushing and impatient and sometimes tired. A silly spectator, waiting for the eventful day to finally come […]

A Secret

I’ll tell you a secret that I never shared even to the wind and the sound it made. I’ve heard what you said, clear and complete. But through millions little lines that make your face shaped, I see the reason why you’ve been impaired. I see the truth underneath your lies. I see it clearly, […]

The Sea

My eyes are closed yet I’m seeing better. I’m alone. It’s so bright in here. I try to find something or someone I recognise. I scream a bit, scared by the quietness and the emptiness I feel along the way. And suddenly, a thunder. Was that a thunder? I’m not sure. And there you are, […]


All of a sudden it feels so real; a cleaner and more graphical picture of what your dreams have shown you, and what your fears have brought you into. Take all it takes to reveal the truth, darling. There’s not much of regret you’ll overcome anyway, since nothing’s as important as what lies in the […]