All these heads have their own paths Heading towards a place each mind wants to And often time they clash Causing a fight that shouldn’t ever exist What’s with a new direction? Nothing can give a satisfying answer No one could solve the mystery They just talk And talk and talk and talk And never […]

Please Come Home

I look up and see the moonIt treats the night like a ladyThere I sense your presenceIt never felt as real;I find myself craving youI find you hiding in the back of my mind I want to cry because it’s not happening Your touch, I still rememberYou held my hand and I felt saferAll the […]

Unfinished business

It’s really hard to believe, my mouth is braver than my heart I speak up, saying things I really mean It’s more than an attempt at being smart It’s a proof that courage needs a trigger Happiness follows, as those who listen might learn or find something worth remembering Expression is overrated, don’t you think? […]

Sick Society

I have limited time I have limited amount of fun Never will I express myself fully I’m possessed I’m not a free man My abilities and skills are claimed to be someone else’s The times I did something I liked were meant to be theirs All my achievements have no credits- but those that go […]


I want you to be what you are I want you to enjoy your life and to laugh and to do things you like and never be sad I want you not to frown and not to worry and not to cry I want you to know that I’ll be there when you need some […]