I close my eyes to see darkness Shutting the world for a little while Funny there I see you Your dark brown eyes, and curly hair You run barefoot on the greenest grass Below the skies that form a layer, the bluest I’ve seen so far Funny I’m ready to be dead as I see […]

Almost Empty

The room was empty for them. Almost, for me. I found myself sitting in a long warm couch, and that lady standing not so far from me. She was with a little kid, a very noisy one. People thought he was adorable. “Look at him, how cute!” I could only stare, and mumbled voicelessly. I […]


I’m seeing the new hair colours,  and the new freckles, and the new wrinkles, and the new laughter lines, and all the other new things that I couldn’t remember I’ve ever seen.   Yet behind all that, I’m seeing the exact same thing I’d never forget despite my reputation. That exact same face I’d know I’ve always missed. […]


I bet no one wants to see what’s behind that pretty masquerade, which is so beautifully placed, with all the thoughtful plans and scenarios that are shielding around the masterpiece behind all that. Who would want to give that much of efforts anyway to climb up and see that behind the mighty sky-scrapping ivory tower that […]


Thank you for bringing me here, to the place where I finally can see from both sides. Though I still think yours is pretty much as bad as I thought it was, I can understand. And I totally get it now what you mean by people are just people. We are people. And I know […]

Sit Back

For once I admit that I have gone too far into the complicated road that I haven’t dared to even think of the end of the tunnel, where I finally will settle and calm down a little. I don’t know whom I’m supposed to see, and why I have to talk to them all, and […]