We could

We talked over nothing and it felt great, yet now we have nothing to say anymore and we mourn. And to the glorious times we’ve passed and to the possibility of our tomorrow that’s almost nonexistent, we can only smile and say how we’ve missed it too bad we could just die


I’ve been seeing the unthinkable things and the unspoken ideas in my long peaceful sleeps. That terrifies me. I can never imagine why I should be so alive while I’m dead. I can never have a clue of what to do when I am. So I’m stranded in a land in between. Reality is so […]


I’m screaming so loud yelling at everything I found and everyone I met and all the things that tried to touch me, right on their faces with no words. And I’m struggling. I hate it here, nothing is what I like, not even close. I hate it here, they all are the same, but I’m […]


Here we are Sitting next to each other, moving forward leaving what we did behind. But we don’t know each other. We don’t even try. We don’t even want to try. We let the air passes us by, the warm breath hugs us, in silence. As we stop along the line, we realise I am […]


It all started from a great respect, that grows fonder every time we talk. It wasn’t all awkward as I thought it’d be, you made it easy, easier than expected. My highest compliment to you goes out like this: You’re awesome, and I just love you for who you are, and whatever you do. Our […]

What are we doing?

What are we doing? We say sweet things to each other, we compliment and we give affection, but we know we’re not going anywhere.   We outgrew the essence of love. We look at it as if it’s a funny thing  to ever happen to us, as if it’s a scary thing to ever come […]