I’ve been here

I’ve been here before, so I know how it feels  and how to respond and how to act and how to react   But isn’t it funny, the more you think you’re good at something the more you actually flunk into it? Because things taken for granted can never wake me up until I see […]

We are the World

We are like the world pretty and deadly We are natural, but somehow deceitful   And we change faces, sometimes we walk in our place sometimes we are so different but we are one, like the world.   And when we know what we are, we are cool with everything. With explosions that we create, […]

My Game

Among all the great things I’ve learned so far, the one I like the most is the fact that I can handle you better. More prepared, well-equipped. I don’t like hurting and getting hurt, and I’m avoiding that without avoiding you. If only I could tell you how it feels, magical! I’m facing you in […]


When the wants decide by itself that the objects shall change, then it will. Move. All the attention gone. Transformed to a whole new beginning of wondering, and expecting. Over and over again. And it’s so uncertain. The only certain thing is, the future  is volatile.   AB – 18.6.13


Perhaps is the best word to describe this now. I’m afar, I left with no guarantee. I forgot things can change, I forgot uncertainty exists. I thought you were in the game, but it seems like you chose to quit. With no notification you left further. Now I’m all alone, confused, insecure.   AB – […]

The Used

If it’s true you’re using me, I couldn’t get mad, I couldn’t be angry, for how sweet you could be. Fake flowers you give now, won’t even change my mind. Use me all you want, both literal and not too literal meanings, I’d be happy to find out that you’d fall into my game, where […]

Another World

Halfway the journey already. Another journey awaits at the end of the current one. I can’t wait for it to begin, but I don’t want this to end. I contradict myself more often lately, as if it will change anything. Another world I’d discover, both when it ends and it begins. And so will you, […]