It feels like I just met you yesterday, when you said you didn’t know  if you could make it till the end. And here we are now, almost there.   I just knew you but it feels like I’ve known you for ages.   I’ll be sad to say bye, or maybe see you later, […]


It’s like sailing a shipwreck; you’re actually dying – sinking to death, consumed by your swollen heart and pride, forced to drown as you kiss the Iceberg. But all the while, you’re swimming already, and you’re happy for you know how to survive. And you feel safe, that you have your life saver vest that’s […]


Ear to ear, the smile you show when it appears. All exhaustions gone, that voice cures. Even better, your entire night goes brighter, and tomorrow gets easier to pass, as you keep on memorising that promise that soon, you’ll have more.     AB – 28.5.13


I woke up in fear and now everything’s clear; I’m falling fast, I can’t feel the wind. No one will catch me, nothing can stop me, but the gravity that’s waiting to hold me down there, when I finally hit the ground hard. But I’m elastic. I’ll come back stronger, higher than ever.   Yet […]

Miles Away

I wish I could go where you are now and tell you that it scares me, whenever you’re done telling me something and when we’re done talking, but I still want your presence to fulfil my egocentric needs, to feel the warm blush on my cheeks, and to smile at times I don’t feel like […]

I’m Afraid

I’m afraid of how things will be, of how it will work or how it won’t, of how you’ll go and leave me behind, of how I’ll act when you finally do, or how I will be if you stay with me. I’m too scared to imagine that you can be so happy without me. […]

Worth Enjoying

When it feels so hard to stay up because heart has gone malfunctioned  for all its figurative meanings, you find yourself an easy getaway. One that pleases you. One that helps you forget. And you can get too blown away by the fact that you’ve actually found what you wanted, but you let yourself slipped […]


Sweetheart, you’ve been too busy growing those flowers in your mouth, that you didn’t realise  your ears have rotten. You’re too blinded by your own imaginations of how perfect your life is, that you didn’t notice your brain has frozen long ago. It’s ugly but it’s true, that you’ve forgotten how imperfect your perfection is. […]

Poor Little Rich Girl

The poor little rich girl lives alone, far from the crowd, or so she thinks to herself, comforting her wild thoughts and her dangerous minds.   People call her pretty, but she’s ageing. They call her nice,  but she’s changing. They respect her kindness for what she always gives out, but she’s empty inside.   The […]