A Book

I can’t stop turning your pages, learning you. Falling into a wide deep hole I’ve never known before, where I can freely wander and wonder, my two favourite things to do. My addiction to you feels so positive, but you can get me wrong, you can mistake my intentions. You probably wouldn’t know, that the […]

What You’re Not Worth

Underneath your classy looking head, with the classy looking things you’re wearing, and the classy looking things you’re so proud of to show, there must be something you need to use, something I surely doubt is already there, because clear enough you never bother to seem that you have it. Something you need to stick […]

Cost of Freedom

The leaves held up to a branch of tree. The tree wasn’t big, but the leaves did still. The wind blew, trying hard to make them apart. Why, wind, would you do that?   It was one chilly afternoon when the sun was about to set, painting the skies with some magically beautiful orange tinge. […]


Do you see now that I can’t fly as you broke off my wings and throw them all away? Are you happy now that I can’t move? Paralysed, under the spell of the old slip-up groove   Know it, I’m barely breathing Inhale, exhale, seem simple yet I’m struggling Why can’t I finish it like […]

Broken Glass

That glass was once so fine reflecting the beautiful lights it got from the sun. But into pieces I broke it, shattered, spread all over the floor. I did everything I could to fix, yet no, no result. Though I’ve been trying so hard, though I’ve bleed too much to make it back. I drift […]


You’re more than just a word You’re the one who can see the world differently. At least with your smile, and your jokes even your sarcasm, while  perspective matters, in grief we all can still laugh.   It’s safe enough to stop playing strong Once or twice is never wrong It’s okay to show emotions […]


I have every word, every sentence, every phrase, arranged in the corner of my head, consume my times and energy every now and then after the tragedy.   I have collected every beautiful thing, every beautiful thing you could ever heard of. But nothing comes out from my mouth, I lost them all in my […]


How can I love to live if you never try to forgive, while all I do is to give a lot to attract your love   How can you leave when you know only you can give me the strength to live when there’s no one to love   How can you love to make […]