To wait, as to see people having fun but you’re forced to sit and told not to move and join, is an unpleasant feeling that many seem to hate. Little do they know, some have no choice but to grumpily follow the rule of the game. No choice, to leave or to stay. To wait, […]


When one can still feel the beat of the heart racing consistently to run the body, He tends to claim all the rights he owns and what he needs to get, not what he needs to do. He doesn’t remember the time is ticking that soon he’s missing what he used to have. When the […]

Hot Chocolate

I looked out the window, a busy crowd I could see. Some were talking, others were walking. My imperfect sight couldn’t reckon who they were, just a bunch of strangers, unfamiliar faces.   Then you came with a cup of hot chocolate and sat in front of me, as I brought myself back to the […]


The one that’s covered is always more appealing than one that’s open for anyone to touch. That’s how it was. All misty and protected. Mysterious yet looked all good. Enough for one hungry wolf to be impressed. But a wolf is a wolf. No matter how strong it looks like, it’s stupid. It’s unable to […]


Wonder to wander Further Than anything could be thought ever. Ready to conquer What once was never Be witnessed by the spectator. But what if the more You want it the less it gets better? What if the higher You expect the slower it takes you there? But whatever. There’s no time to look for […]

A Friend

Look at those tears you show me when you’re doomed. And look at those smiles you hide when you’re cheered. Look at these ears I present you when you’re down. And look at these eyes turning away reflecting your happy gestures. And you tell me I can’t keep my promise When all you do is […]


You’re late. You came when people left. You’re happy when people are sad. You’re excited when they’re all dead. You’re late. Though some are still alive, You’re up for their grief. Unacceptable. How rude. But who am I to judge? You can be late all you want. You can feel all you please. Though you’re […]


Showing a thousand of faces but none is real. The real one lies deep within, far beneath the calm surface. Wait. Wait for a little longer. Tonight is not enough, still. Tonight is not the time, yet. Wait. Wait a little longer. Don’t get upset. Be patient.   AB – 28.2.13