Because maybe not to forgive yourself is hard. But if we  find a way to think of it, how selfish of us to think that we’re flawless. To think that we cannot make a mistake, and have a dark moment in the past. How selfish of us. How selfish.   AB – 27.02.13 Advertisements

It Should Be It

The very beginning wasn’t clear. We just knew each other’s names, and that was that. Being in the same circle didn’t necessarily bring us closer because it’s true, sometimes you can be a stranger even to yourself.   The next time I realized the funny things inside, and good thing was all the bad things […]


When all the little memories start to come to the surface, while normally could be forgotten, or just passed by like it never happened, to tell someone is difficult  for they might not understand, but to spit it out through writings, though it might sound tempting, isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. […]

A Stranger

A stranger is never far. He’s there when you come here, and he’s here when you go there.   A stranger is always around, be it when you notice, or you don’t reckon at all.   A stranger goes to a different direction, think about it, whenever, wherever.   A stranger is fun. He might […]