Dig down to my wildest dream, Your scariest weapon haunts me till my death. Silence. Your silence kills. Faster than the fastest bullet, deadlier than the deadliest beast. Unveil the unheard story; I could only wish. Never will I ever accomplish. Confusion, and more of a disappointment, Therefore will follow wherever these tired feet step. […]

Sestina to the Anger

Come to think of those things to remember; all those moments that were nicely spent together. Yet nothing but anger, now comes instead. Especially when it rains, when the doldrums go to the heart, molesting this soul. “A perfect time to say goodbye”,   I whispered to myself. And I’m sure that this goodbye, the […]

One Rainy Day

One rainy day, When the skies were grey, When the birds didn’t stay, and the children prayed. All one could hear was thunder, When the brave surrendered, When the wild mind wondered, and the lost soul wandered. When hope was gone and fear did appear, When between the paths stuck little wet tears. One rainy […]

Sestina : Farewell

Nothing is more horrifying than distance, that separates us all. Not to forget the time, when it’s night here and morning there. On my mind, I have this picture of wishing and hoping to see you soon. What is this picture? Nothing but a cliché, depressing view of the future. Things won’t be the same […]

Quite Night in an Empty Room

One quiet night in an empty room Eyes try to peer into the gloom Clog clog clog clog Hear the sound of people walking Have the ear of the president Might bring a little more excitement Tick tock tick tock tick tock Clock is ticking Wooooooooosh.. woooooosh.. Aircon operating Chetuck! Lamp is turned on Look […]